Dear Friends,
     This mural is a group effort.  Although, I conceived it and designed it, the credit goes to the twenty or more artists, and additional support team who all came together to create it thus far.  Even our mayor, Mayor Pam Triolo, worked on painting some of the tiles! 🙂 People from 4 years old to 95 years old (my artist mother!)  The entire community came together to make this exquisite work of art, hand painted tile mural happen.  Thank you all.  We are now applying for a grant, and we still have donor tiles available for purchase   at $75/name tile with your name hand painted on this work of art in perpetuity, all donated to erect the wall as a decorative front for water catchment tanks we plan to use in the garden functionally.  We will use of using water runoff from the air conditioning system, and water runoff from the roof to water the garden.  This wall is a shining example of how a community can come togeher, create beauty and usefulness in our community.  Thanks for all of you.  Thanks to all our supporters!  You can view the mural Mon-Fri 9a.m.-3p.m. with an hour break for lunch at The Scottish Rites Masonic Lodge,  2000 N. D St. Lake Worth, FL   (22nd Ave N and D Streets, the sign on Dixie Highway says “Fordham and Worthmore”)  561-582-6794.  If you haven’t seen it, and wish to see the mural please call, go by and view it.  ( As a bonus there is a mural in the dining room of The Scottish Rites Masonic Lodge, painted by a mason thirty years ago, of the building of King Solomon’s Temple which is a master work of art as well. And while you are there check out The Gray Mockingbird Community Garden, where the mural is going to be erected!  We have just started vermiculture, yesterday!)
Blessings, sprinkled with fairy dust,

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